Britt Swanwick

CIMI Program Director - Cherry Cove

Born and raised in New Jersey, I spent my childhood summers at “the shore” digging up sand crabs and fishing.

I had always been interested in pursuing a career involving the ocean, so I went to school for marine biology. After an internship at The Wetlands Institute, a term with AmeriCorps as a Watershed Ambassador, and a graduate program studying and teaching environmental education in Stokes State Forest, I found Guided Discoveries. I worked at Toyon Bay as a marine science instructor and aquarist, AstroCamp Virginia doing outreach, Camp Motorsport as a motorsport instructor, and Cherry Cove as the Program Director. My husband, John, is the Summer Camp Director for the Virginia camps, and we welcomed a daughter in 2020!

Guided Discoveries combines everything that I ever wanted in a job. We see countless students and campers move through our programs and have life-changing experiences in and around the ocean. It’s incredibly gratifying to witness children having “a-ha!” moments and to know that we’re empowering them with knowledge of marine science.

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