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Our Program

A unique and exciting way to enhance students' understanding of marine science

Experiential Marine Science

Dive into our CIMI program with hands-on marine science labs, ocean exploration, and a sense of island adventure!

Our Activities

The CIMI program is designed to provide students with a deeper understanding of marine science, themselves, and the world around them.

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Our Locations

Toyon Bay ocean and dock.

Toyon Bay

Located in a private cove that was originally constructed as a boys’ boarding school, this facility is nestled on the leeward side of Catalina Island, about 2.5 miles from the town of Avalon. Marine science labs, waterfront dive deck, and dorm-style housing make Toyon Bay a perfect field trip setting!

Fox facility beach.

Fox Landing

Fox Landing is located about 5 miles from the town of Avalon. Waterfront open-air villas, colorful hillside cabins, marine science labs, and the shelter of Long Point create an unforgettable environment for learning and fun!

Team of Experts

Our team of instructors is made up of people who are passionate about sharing their marine science knowledge with students! Each instructor has a degree in marine science or a related field and has been intensively trained in the CIMI program.

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Waterfront beach view of land.

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