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CIMI at Toyon Bay

Toyon Bay map.

Welcome to Toyon Bay

Located in a beautiful cove just a few miles from Avalon, Toyon Bay is the perfect place for exploring the ocean. The former boarding school facility sits in a private canyon facing the mainland of California. Although only 26 miles off the coast of Los Angeles, it will feel like a whole other world!

Toyon Bay Activities

Daytime Activities

Each school chooses their own CIMI adventure by selecting the daytime activities that best meet their students' needs.

  • Fish Lab
  • Shark Lab
  • Algae Lab
  • Oceanography Lab
  • Invertebrate Lab
  • Plankton Lab
  • Tidepooling
  • Snorkeling
  • Kayaking (5-day trips only)
  • Day Trip (5-day trips only)
  • Terrestrial Hike
  • Climbing Wall
  • Low Ropes Initiatives
  • Giant Swing

Evening Activities

Keep the adventure going when the sun goes down! Our evening activities allow schools to make the most of being in such an amazing environment.

  • Squid Dissection
  • Marine Mammals
  • Deep Sea
  • Astronomy
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Night Snorkel
  • Campfire

Our Facility

Marine science learning and ocean adventure uses up a lot of energy! We want our guests to be able to be well rested and well fed while they are with us. 

Camp Housing

Comfortable dorm-style housing provide guests with spaces to clean up, share favorite experiences with bunkmates, and get some shuteye in preparation for the next action-packed day.

Toyon dorms exterior.
Toyon bunk beds.
Toyon dorms exterior.

Camp Dining

Food fuels the experience! Our experienced chefs work hard every day to provide an outstanding and delicious camp dining experience by serving three nutritious, tasty meals daily to guests in our dining hall.

Fruit buffet.
Breakfast buffet.
Campers at buffet.
Girls at buffet.
Boy smiling at buffet.
Girl smiling at buffet.
Campers at buffet.
Kids sitting thumbs up.
Boys at lunch table.
Academically, I wanted to children understand a respect for life under the sea. Socially, I wanted them to know they are okay and that they are ready and old enough to live away from home and brave the adventures that await them. CIMI provides that rite of passage.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our facility. Don't see the information you're looking for?

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Do you provide bedding?

No, we do not provide bedding. Students should bring their own sleeping bag and pillow.

What is housing like?

Each dorm room has multiple bunk beds with mattresses. Each dorm has its own bathroom with multiple sinks, toilets, and showers.

Do you serve vegetarian alternatives?

We provide a vegetarian option at every meal. We also have a salad bar at both lunch and dinner. Dietary information is gathered upon the students’ arrival so that our kitchen staff can prepare appropriate options at meals.

How do you deal with a severe food allergy?

We deal with food allergies every day. Our kitchen staff have all gone through ServSafe training and take great care to safely accommodate all food allergies. If you have specific concerns, the best course of action is to communicate your school’s lead teacher prior to your trip. The earlier we know about severe food allergies, the better we can serve an individual’s specific needs.

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