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CIMI offers daytime activities in Marine Science, Island Adventure, and Challenge & Teambuilding. Each school selects a number of activities for their students to participate in during their trip, allowing each school to tailor their trip to their own needs. For more information on activities, reference the Teacher Planning Packets on the Teacher Resources page.

Marine Science Activities

Fish Lab

Students observe local fishes in our aquariums as they learn about their classification, anatomy, and behavior.

Shark Lab

Students expand their knowledge of sharks and rays can interact with them in our touch tank!

Algae Lab

Students learn all about algae and its role in the ecosystem, and they press a sample of local algae to take home.

Oceanography Lab

Students will learn the basic principles of oceanography and perform hands-on oceanographic research from our float.

Invertebrate Lab

Students get up close to the squishy and crunchy invertebrates in our aquariums and touch tanks.

Plankton Lab

Students learn about plankton and explore a live plankton sample collected earlier that day.


Students will explore the tidepools along the rocky shore of our cove and study the common species found in the intertidal zone.

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Boy staring at fish tank.
Kids posing in shark skull.
Girls reaching into tank.
Kids doing science experiment.
Girl kissing sea cucumber.
Boy smiling at computer.
Kids tidepooling.

Island Adventure


Students get suited up and dive in for an incredible ocean adventure!


Students paddle tandem kayaks on a guided tour of our local coastline.

Terrestrial Hike

Instructors lead students on one of our trails while exploring local flora and fauna.

Day Trip (5-day only)

Students kayak to a new part of Catalina Island for an extended adventure.

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Kids snorkeling in ocean on paddle.
Kids kayaking and waving.
Kids hiking and posing.
Kids kayaking.

Challenge & Teambuilding

Climbing Wall

Students will choose their challenge on our auto-belayed climbing wall.

Giant Swing

Students are hoisted by their classmates to their desired height, and then pull a ripcord to sail through the air!

Low Ropes Initiatives

Students participate in a series of games and challenges designed improve group dynamics.

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Little girl climbing wall.
Girl in giant swing harness.
Girl climbing on others.

See Activities By Location

Evening Activity Toyon Bay Fox Landing
Astronomy Night Hike
Camp Fire
Climbing Wall
Deep Sea
Discovering Sharks
Environmental Awareness
Marine Mammals
Night Snorkel
Squid Dissection

I love this program and think it is the perfect balance of education and fun.

Teacher Fieldbrook School

The programs were ALL excellent! Very impressed! The students learned and experienced so much while they were here.

Teacher Migrant Education Program

Fun, educational, all outcomes were met. It was an unforgettable experience for the students.

Parent Medea Creek Middle
Waterfront beach view of land.

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