Craig Turner

CEO of Guided Discoveries

"Outdoor science education and summer camps occupy a special and much-needed place in our society today.

Camps give young people the opportunity to explore and experience the natural world while developing personal skills that will serve them throughout their entire life. I believe there is no better way for young people to learn about the world and themselves in a supportive and safe camp environment.”

Craig’s journey with Guided Discoveries began as a camper, attending Catalina Sea Camp for a decade as well as spending time at Astrocamp, the Tole Mour, and various international programs. As a young man, Craig began his career with GDI as a sailing instructor at Toyon Bay during the summer. From there Craig transferred to the business office where he lead the Research and Development department and then became the Director of Administration. Most recently, Craig has taken on the responsibility of running day-to-day operations as the new President.

With an eye towards the future, Craig and the team at Guided Discoveries are excited to evolve the programs to be able to serve kids for another 40 years.

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

C.S. Lewis

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