Waterfront Safety 101

People holding lifeguard float.

When going to the beach there are a few tips we should remember so everyone has fun!!

  1. Hydrate – being in the sun for a few hours and swimming in the ocean can take a lot out of you… most importantly water. It may not seem like it but when in the ocean your body is affected by a process known as osmosis. Your body has a low salt concentration compared to the ocean; and as you spend time there. The water in your body will begin to exit into the oceans saltwater. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of H2


  1. Sunlight – wear sunscreen to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. You can also protect yourself even further by staying in the shade, wearing a hat, and sunglasses. On cloudy days, even though it may seem that the sunlight is not getting through you still want to be careful since UV rays are still able to go through clouds.



  1. Lifeguard – always swim near a lifeguard. If there are any issues that requires a lifeguards help it makes sense to be right near one.





  1. Ocean life – humans aren’t the only ones that enjoy the ocean. There are other creatures in the water that call it home. Look out for shells and barnacles, as they may be sharp. When entering the water make sure you do the “sting ray shuffle”, just shuffle your feet on the ocean bottom to warn any sting rays that you’re coming through.



  1. Swim with a buddy – if there are any issues a buddy can signal for help or keep an eye on you when in the water.

There are a lot more things we can include on this list but this should be a pretty good start to keep you safe. Next time you’re planning on a fun day at the beach. Keep these tips in mind!!