Knots are Kneat!

Knots come in all different shapes and sizes—small and big, tight and loose. Distinct knots are used for a vast array of tasks; they can bind, constrict, secure, block, and decorate. Here at CIMI, we use knots for things like tying up our boats, securing adventurous students on high ropes challenges, setting up tents, and more.

One knot that we use on a daily basis is the Bowline knot. This knot is an easy and reliable knot, sometimes called “The King of Knots”. The Bowline has a fixed loop at the end of the rope, so it is often used to attach another line to, or to have another object pass through it.


Another common knot is the Figure 8 knot. This is used as a stopper-knot; it blocks the passage of a rope through an opening.


You can practice tying knots at your own house by watching the video!