Harbor Seal

Harbor Seals(Phoca vitulina) are one of the few Pinnipeds found around Catalina Island. These are some more elusive seals, often times avoiding human interaction completely. These seals will spend their days either swimming in shallow wasters or sunning themselves on rocky outcroppings right off of shore. Harbor seals will often times poke their heads out of the water to observe and look out for potential danger. This habit is called periscoping. When the seals need to warm themselves from the cool California waters, they will drag their bodies onto rocks and lay out for hours. These seals can reach up to 6 feet in length and almost up to 300 pounds, most of their body weight consisting of blubber or fat.


Other Pinnipeds found along Catalina Island waters are Sea Lions and Elephant Seals. The Harbor Seals are the smallest out of the three.