Kate Powell

Assistant Program Director - Toyon Bay

One of my greatest goals in life is to encourage curiosity among others.

The curiosity of the natural world—of oceans, in particular—has led me to where I am today. My first formal introduction to marine science was in high school when I was selected for a year-long research internship at the Georgia Aquarium. Throughout college, I was published for my assistance in a study that aimed to determine the evolution of aging of a model species of marine bacterium. I also assisted on a project that analyzed photographic composites of coral reefs and their degradation over time, research that is highlighted in the award-winning documentary “Chasing Corals.” Post-college, I came to work with Guided Discoveries as a marine science instructor, where I got to share my excitement for the ocean, nature, and wildlife with younger generations.

The natural world is the refuge of the spirit, remote, static, richer even than human imagination.

E.O. Wilson

Work with Catalina Island Marine Institute

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