Welcome to Toyon Bay

Welcome to Toyon Bay! A place where students from all areas and ages can come for a few days and gets some hands on experience learning about the ocean and having tons of fun. Our location right outside of Avalon, will feel like a new home in no time. Here at Toyon, we receive groups of students during the school year ranging from 5th grade to 12th. Students are here for a period of three to five days depending on the individual schedule of the schools. the main goal of the school year program is marine science education. Here at Toyon students will go through a series of labs where they can touch animals, learn to identify them, as well as learn the importance of plankton and algae. The main attraction that many people come to the island for is our snorkeling! Snorkeling here is something  students will never forget with the opportunity to see invertebrates, sharks, and the famous garibaldi. Many groups are lucky enough when it gets dark out to take the plunge and go night snorkeling! Easily one of the coolest experiences one can have is snorkeling in darkness and getting to see some bioluminescence.

Along with labs and snorkeling here at Toyon we offer other programs that reach all areas of the academic spectrum. Terrestrial hike, kayaking, and the giant swing. Each experience the students go through offers unique challenges and opportunities to learn more about an area that is oftentimes less explored.

When students arrive at Toyon they are separated by schools and then group and placed into dorms where they will sleep for the remainder of their stay. When not in program with the instructors, kids are allowed free time where they can explore the beach, play games with friends like gaga ball and basketball, or just relax and hang out in the sun!