Welcome to Fox Landing!

CIMI at Fox Landing is as well home to some incredible outdoor treasures and enriched by all the students who visit! Fox Landing is located at Long Point, the furthest jutting point on Catalina Island, which provides our little cove with incredible above and underwater beauty. We are proud to call this sparkling turquoise cove our home, and hope that our visitors leave feeling the same way!

Fox Landing was established as a YMCA camp back in 1926, and still sees many YMCA groups today. This facility has served as a youth educational camp for decades, and was taken over by Guided Discoveries in 2007 as the main lease holders. We love seeing the familiar faces of Fox Landing visit year after year, bringing with them stories of our cove and it’s progression over the years.

Here at Camp Fox, we take pride in our warm and welcoming home as we strive to make each new guest feel comfortable as soon as they arrive. The student’s boat will be received by our eager, enthusiastic staff, who are stoked to spend the next few days hanging out by the ocean with the various school groups! Our staff lands the boat and escorts the student’s across Fox’s spectacular new pier, which offers guests their very first opportunity to catch a glimpse of some sea critters, perhaps the majestic leopard shark or even a bat ray! We’ll get to know our students through some fun name games, and then it’s straight to afternoon program!

The exploration is endless, and programs range from taking student’s up our ridge line to catch the sweeping panoramic views, to plunging into the turquoise waters of our sh

allow cove sporting our bright blue wetsuits…the beauty is everywhere you turn! Our facilities offer students all aspects of ocean exploration and personal growth, whether it’s from our state of the art microscopes showing students tiny organisms living in the water, or through our high ropes challenge course situated high above camp with direct ocean views. We cultivate excitement through our hands on learning facilities, giving students the opportunity to touch, see, and experience this big blue world.